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Nothing is more important than our clients.

As work environments continue to evolve, employees and employers often find themselves faced with various complex issues that can be challenging. In many circumstances, legal evaluation and/or representation is required.

At Deutsch Rotbart & Associates, P.A., we understand our clients’ needs and work together to develop strategies to achieve the best possible outcomes in a professional and expeditious manner. Whether we are consulting or litigating, mediating or arbitrating, our boutique oriented law practice allows us to work closely with our clients.

We pride ourselves on building relationships while advancing our clients’ rights to promote a better workplace for employers and employees.  We utilize the latest in legal research technology and investigate cases exhaustively to ensure our clients the highest level of service, professionalism – and most important, optimum results.

Based on our vast experience, we have come to appreciate that no two cases are alike.  Our success lies in the essential philosophy that no lawyer can develop true expertise in a variety of specialty areas. That is why we continue to stick to what we know: employment and labor law. If you are seeking a firm that handles hundreds of cases at once, we are definitely not for you. Rather, we are a boutique and selective practice that provides individualized representation and affords each client the time and attention that they deserve from the moment they seek our assistance.