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Mediation & Arbitration Lawyer in Florida

Alternative dispute resolution can be a very effective and efficient process for both clients and lawyers. For that reason, a portion of our practice is dedicated to mediating and arbitrating cases.

Ms. Rotbart is both a licensed mediator and qualified arbitrator. As a mediator, she uses her litigation experience and knowledge of the law to engage the parties by challenging them to focus on difficult issues of their case. Resolving cases through mediation is often just as rewarding as litigating them. Ms. Rotbart is a proactive  neutral in working with the parties to achieve a settlement and closure to their case.

Ms. Rotbart is a licensed FINRA, AAA and private arbitrator. She acts as the decision-making authority, with the intent of resolving the dispute as neutrally and fairly as possible. Arbitration can be a less costly and more efficient forum than court when the right Arbitrator and process is in place. As a private arbitrator, Ms. Rotbart is often selected by counsel for parties to ensure a proper, professional and efficient process.